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  • FREEPRESSAOTEAROA is an organisation that believes that the journalists should be free to investigate and inform without the scrutiny of the Government surveillance apparatus, and without the intimindation that comes part and parcel with an encroaching police state.
  • FREEPRESSAOTEAROA encourage journalists to employ the most secure practices in order to protect the identities of their sources.

  • AOTEAROALEAKS portal is a secure platform only accessible via Tor, that allows whistleblowers to securely leak information, and allows Journalists and sources to securely interact, send and receive files using the highest levels of security available.

Political Corruption:

Political corruption is regularly a
natural companion of centralised power. Whistleblowers are often systematically punished for coming forward with evidence of Government malfeasance. Do you have evidence of government officials, politicians involved in corrupt activities, political coverups, abuse of power for private gain? Hold your government to account now!
Sea Slavery

Sea Slavery Leaks:

Are you aware of any companies/cartels or individuals involved in sea based employment where workers are abused and exploited once at sea? This is sea slavery - slavery is illegal under International Common Law. Due to the violent nature of these cartels, we provide a safe means to come forward and expose this practice. If you have information related to this horrid practice please provide evidence.
Defence, Intelligence & Security

Defence, Intelligence & Security:

Are you an insider working for government or corporation, or, a private individual, with evidence of wrongdoing including mismanagement, criminal activity, misconduct or public deceit, in the areas of defence, intelligence and security, that the NZ people need to know? Agencies include NZSIS, GCSB, NZDF, Police and others involved in domestic & foreign operations deeply shrouded from public scrutiny.
General Leaks (Other)

Public Interest Leaks:

Information leaked here will be received by our network operators who will carry out the analysis and make referrals applicable to each case to responsible organisations, unless you specifically request another destination for your source information.
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  3. Once this webserver detects you are using Tor, the URL for the AOTEAROALEAKS Links to detailed instructions and to the secure submissions portal will appear.